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For more than 20 years, the Heartland Law Firm has been helping individuals and families in Chicagoland and beyond monitor, restore, and preserve legal, financial, and personal well-being. wellbeing.

Led by attorney Marty Fogarty, the firm’s attorneys, elder advocates, and other professionals work together to empower families to respond with confidence to the many unknowns created by the elder transition and other challenging life transitions.

Marty Fogarty: “Let me figure out what is the problem plaguing my client. Let me try to find a resolution to his/her problem. Let’s figure a process which is smooth and least complicated. Let’s ensure the client is Satisfied and returns to the state of Well Being in the shortest possible time”


Our focus has always revolved around Safeguarding the Well Being of our esteemed clientele. HLF specializes in the Art of Problem Solving. HLF aims to play an integral role in providing an amicable solution when people are encountered with complexities in their Journey of Life. We also envisage to change the negative perception people have around Law and Lawyers to a positive, memorable and pleasurable relationship bounded by Trust.


HLF is on Mission to change the way people perceive the Legal Journey. We want our clients to be able to resolve the issues plaguing them without they having to go through a harrowing experience. The challenges life throws at us can n itself be daunting and we don’t want the resolution process to be another daunting experience. Our focus is to provide a Legal remedy without the client feeling drained in the process. We believe in empowering our clients.

Core Values

Well Being, Trust, and long-term relationships with clients are the core values around which we have crafted our Legal resolution process. We are a Legal firm grounded in ethics and values. We don’t believe in short-cuts, nor do we wish to scare our clients with the goal of fleecing them or squeezing every penny out of them in the guise of helping them. We wish to treat all our clients as Humans who need care and a helping hand to overcome life’s challenges.

Simona: “We treat our clients as Humans with emotions and needs. We don’t treat them as a “Business” entity. Life has already thrown challenges at them and that’s why they approach us. We don’t wish to add complications to their Life. Instead we are here to resolve their problems and bring them out of the crisis situation.”


I’m Marty Fogarty, founder of The Heartland Law Firm, and founder of ElderSmart® – a 501c3 non-profit organization.

For nearly 30 years, I’ve been solving problems with others: as an attorney, confidant, mentor, friend, father and spouse.

Lessons learn’t from my life’s a journey can be summarized briefly as follows:

Life is a Journey. The milestones and challenges faced by people along the way are transition points. These transition points make us traverse through the different chapters of Life. For life’s higher stake transitions, we need support, guidance and a helping hand. There is nothing better suited than a relationship with someone who can help clear the clutter in our minds/lives and make clear the landscape we are in. Someone who empowers us to make the best choices during this transition to move forward with confidence, clarity and peace of mind.

Heartland Law Firm was founded with us being the “someone” who lends that helping hand to lead people effortlessly towards a Resolution which is not just an engaging and enriching experience but also a pleasurable one.

Personally and professionally, I have been immersed in the “Elder Transition” process. I can see that the way society supports elders in a long term health care transition is fragmented and often disregards consideration of the vulnerable elder’s personal dignity.

The “Elder Advocate” movement calls for a new standard of elder law to be adopted by the legal industry: that “Elder Law without social work is an incomplete solution.”

Milestones that Marty helps individuals, families and business owners include:

  • Estate Planning of all levels (basic wills to complex trusts)
  • Business Succession
  • High Net Worth Tax Planning
  • The Elder Transition –Protecting your elderly loved one’s Well-Being; Family Care Plans, including Medicaid and VA Qualification.


We pride ourselves in having a highly passionate and dedicated team, who are willing to walk the extra mile to help our clients achieve the desired results. Heartland Law Firm’s strength lies in our Team and the valuable efforts they have put into each case to arrive at a favorable outcome.

Kathy Cristan
Director of Client Services
Simona pic
Simona Atanasova
Customer Engagement
Solita Headshot
Solita Pandit Murphy
Accounts Manager


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Ann Wang

We had a great experience working with team at Heartland (Marty, Simona, and Kathy). They really are genuine in trying to help us solve the problem, in an efficient and cost saving way. They have been great at explaining everything and answering any questions and concerns we have. I would highly recommend them to anyone without reservation!

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Sheila Byrne

We had a great experience working with Heartland Law firm to handle estate planning for my parents. Marty Fogarty spent time thoroughly explaining the process, spoke with my parents to understand their wishes and prepared documents to be executed within a short period of time. The documents were signed and the whole process very efficient. My parents and I enjoyed our time working with Marty and Simona. I would strongly recommend Heartland Law Firm for estate planning services.


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