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Whose Well-Being Do You Want to Protect?
No matter what your needs, we have you covered. We offer a multitude of plans to choose from to suit your respective needs.
Worried about an Elderly Loved One?
Get Help Through the Elder Transition

• Elder Frailty Planning
• Elder Advocacy Plans
• Residential Transitions
• Decision Support
• Take the ElderSmart Assessment
Need Help Paying for Care?
You Don’t Have to Go Broke!

• Estate Planning
• Elder Law
• Asset Protection
• Medicaid
• VA Benefits
• Support

Need a Simple Will, Trust or POA?
The Freedom Plan is the Answer

• More Convenient
• More Affordable
• NO PROBATE. Guaranteed!
• Just $1,500 Avg. for Trust-Based Plans
Planning for the Future?
Protect Total Well-Being

• Probate
• Guardianship
• Tax Planning
• Business Planning
• Life Transitions
Selling Your Home? Relocating?
RealtySmart is the Answer

• 24/7/365 Support
• Up-to-the-Minute Status
• Close your deal faster.
• Just $450
Hate Working with Lawyers?
Law should reflect life!

• See How We’re Different
• Explore Our Approach
• Meet Our Team
• See the Buzz
Why Heartland?

For more than 20 years, the Heartland Law Firm has been helping individuals and families in Chicagoland and beyond monitor, restore, and preserve legal, financial, and personal well-being. wellbeing. Led by attorney Marty Fogarty, the firm’s attorneys, elder advocates, and other professionals work together to empower families to respond with confidence to the many unknowns created by the elder transition and other challenging life transitions.

Want Clarity?
Choose our Calculators

How much should my planning cost?


How much of my assets can protect from nursing home spendown immediately ?


How much will my real estate closing cost?

Keep yourself updated about our latest offerings and plans by attending our webinars
ElderSmart Radio
Tune into our ElderSmart Radio Channel for the latest updates from Heartland
DIY Help Online
Help yourself. Pick and Choose from a wide variety of options to best suit yourself

Expect a Dramatically Different Experience?

Yes, we’re a law firm, but we offer much more.

Founder Marty Fogarty explains.

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